💠UNR Utility

Investment Discounts

When a user holds UNR Tokens, they will be able to invest in projects with preferential pricing, expedited information and prioritized buying if compared to ordinary investors. This gives a great advantage to the holder of UNR Tokens. When you are a holder of UNR Tokens, you will receive incentives to buy real estate based on the total amount of tokens that you are currently holding; for example, when you are holding 100,000 (one hundred thousand) UNR, you will appropriate a discount of 0.1%, compared to those holding only 100 (one hundred) UNR.


In addition to using UNR to invest, users can also use UNR to staking and receive rewards of around 100% per year on the UnirealSwap platform.

Payment in the Restaurant and Hotel Systems of Unirealchain

Unirealchain's largest partner, Hamubay, is negotiating, signing, and in the process of completing procedures for a network of global hotel chains to allow payments in UNR. With hotels, resorts, and commercial centers accepting UNR for payments, users can use UNR to pay for hotel stays, entertainment services, and shopping. All payments are straightforward; users only need to use their wallet, scan the QR code and complete the transaction.
The use of UNR for payment in the hotel's restaurant system has removed the barrier between cryptocurrency and fiat money. It also creates convenience in the payment process for crypto and the Unirealchain user community. It would be great if you could use cryptocurrency to travel and pay for your hotel stay!

Payment of Network Transaction Fees

Every transaction on the Unirealchain network includes fees that are paid in UNR, much like ETH. Additional fees on the Unirealchain platform are currency transfer fees, deploying contract fees, and executing contract fees. All of those fees will be streamlined so that users will not have to pay too high fees like the current Gas-fees in the ETH network.