✔️Operating Model

Is Unirealchain a new type of broker?

Unirealchain is not a broker. All investment properties and NFTs on Unirealchain are purchased directly by Unirealchain from the project owner or through reputable brokers. In fact, we even partner with brokers to reach more clients. Our team is focused on giving our clients a wide range of good investment options an easy and convenient experience.

How do I know what the property's selling price is?

The real estate purchase price is shown in the purchase contract with the investor published on the project's detail page. In addition, Unirealchain will survey the market and update prices for assets quarterly.

How is real estate selected for investment?

Real estate for investment on UnirealEx comes from two sources: Unirealchain actively searches for projects, negotiates partners or buys that property directly and then opens it for sale on UnirealEx. The second source comes from the project owner actively searching to Unirealchain and digitizing the project. The properties listed for sale on UnirealEx are carefully considered by the Appraisal Council (consisting of reputable experts of major real estate companies), based on market trends, user needs, profitability, project legality, investor reputation...

How can I control the construction progress of the real estate project that I have invested in?

Unirealchain will update the project progress to investors through the website and actual survey videos. In addition, if conditions allow, Unirealchain will organize actual project visits.

How many kinds of tokens are there in the Unirealchain?

In Unirealchain's ecosystem, there are 3 kinds of tokens
1. UNR - utility token
2. NFT token - token representing each project
3. UNRS - stable token with price always is $1

What is the difference between UnirealEx and UnirealSwap?

The similarity between UnirealEx and UnirealSwap is that investors can buy and sell real estate tokens and different cryptocurrencies on both platforms. And they all have the same feature of locking cryptocurrencies to receive interest. However, the biggest difference between the two exchanges is that UnirealEx is a centralized exchange, and UnirealSwap is a decentralized exchange.