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Where does the return on this investment come from?

The main profit will come from selling the whole house or selling the real estate at an increased price. After one year, Unirealchain will actively find customers to buy back real estate to take profits for customers. Depending on each stage, Unirealchain will have attractive profit commitment policies for Customers. In addition, profits can come from the exploitation and rental of real estate

How is the minimum committed profit calculated?

The minimum committed profit is calculated on a 12-month cycle from the time the contract is signed. Profit is calculated based on the amount of customer payment in installments and the actual number of months of management. For example, The time to close the committed profit is January every year, January 2020 Customers pay 10%, then this 10% amount will be calculated interest for 12 months to January 2021, to March 2020 customers. If the next payment is 5%, this 5% amount will be charged interest for 10 months to January 2021.

Where can I check my current investment and profit?

Customers can check the details of investments and profits up to the present time Portfolio on UnirealEx website.

What fees will I have to pay?

Property management fee: 1.5%/year
Property transfer ownership fee: 0.1%
Digital signature issuance fee: $10/year

How is profit paid?

After the end of the financial year, the profit will be calculated based on the profit from the sale of the property or the profit from the rental. Then, based on the percentage of tokens held, profits will be paid in UNRS currency to user wallets on the UnirealEx platform.