UnirealEx will be a pioneering exchange, combining cryptocurrency trading with real estate investment.

UnirealEx Investment Process

For UnirealEx, the investment process is not only fast but straightforward. The investor will just need to follow these five steps:
  • Register and verify account and personal (KYC & AML) information on UnirealEx Exchange platform.
  • Deposit UNR onto the UnirealEx Exchange platform
  • Check the projects listed and open for investment, and reseaserchareness the projects available.
  • Choose a project listed on the NFT Real Estate Marketplace and select the number of tokens you want to purchase.
  • Receive dividends and profits from the project while still locking tokens in the wallet on the UnirealEx platform. Profit payment is fully automatic after the end of the financial year with UNRS token - Unirealchain's price stabilization token will be at a value fixed at $1. The minimum profit that Unirealchain aims to share with investors is 5% annually. This condition cannot be granted but when the steady state will be reached, this result will be realistic.
Profit from real estate investment on Unirealchain's platform driven by two sources: real estate price increase and leasing.


Unirealchain provides an online technology platform that helps connect capital callers and suitable investors. Every project that wants to be listed on the UnirealEx exchange must go through the executives and ensure compliance with the law at each national facility in the deployed project. Project Appraisal Steps:
  • Project Location
  • Who are the investors and owners?
  • Expected profitability of the project
  • Project evaluation
  • Project legitimacy: is there a dispute?; is it in compliance with the local law?
  • Digitalization contracts signed by project owners.
After completing the appraisal process, the project owner and caller can sign a digitization contract, declare detailed information about the project token, list and start selling the project to raise capital from the community through UnirealEx exchange.
Unirealchain helps project owners and callers access investors with financial potential and retail investors with capital from 100 USD - 5000 USD.

All Transactions via Smart Contract

All token purchases for each Project are made through smart contracts to ensure publicity and transparency. Moreover, Smart contracts will allow an instant time to complete the token ownership transaction. They will have legal validity for the registration of the Purchase Agreement on blockchain through a digital signature.


In addition to investing in real estate, UnirealEx also provides users with a trading feature that allows the user to trade cryptocurrency or NFT tokens.
If investors do not want to lock their tokens and receive dividends, investors can unlock them and transfer it to a trading wallet for trading them. On UnirealEx, in addition to the main trading pairs that will be UNR/USDT, BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, UNR/UNRS there are also various pairs of NFTtokens.