🏠Real Estate NFT Marketplace - UnirealSwap
Beginning in 2019, DeFi and NFT became two of the most prevailing trends in the crypto space. DeFi brings liquidity to projects and Exchanges and it represents a potential profitable and risky income for investors. NFT is a new way of investment for the crypto community.
Therefore, Unirealchain has developed a platform that combines DeFi and NFT – UnirealSwap. The innovation here is that items on the NFT marketplace are directly linked to physical real estate assets. Let's take a look at the utilities that UnirealSwap brings. Physical assets, after being digitized as NFT, can be transferred to the NFT markets to be exchanged and traded like digital items in typical NFT markets. NFTs are legally compliant and form a binding type of ownership, which is guaranteed by Unirealchain due to the legal structure. Unirealchain commits to buy back tokens if investors want to divest.
In other words, this is a physical NFT marketplace. Users buy and sell NFTs with each other actively in a decentralized way without any intermediaries and at low costs. All transactions on the NFT market are passed through a smart contract to convert ownership. Before NFT assets are brought to the market for trading, asset owners need only to fill out a form and submit it to the exchange. The review is fully automatic and fast.


The crypto community must be well acquainted with decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap or Uniswap. In essence, the ‘Swap’ feature is an autonomous and DEX exchange between token A and token B. The problem of assuring safety and privacy was solved when Swap exchanges came into being.
With high-liquid Swap exchanges, transactions are completed instantaneously. This is an exceptional feature of current decentralized exchanges. UnirealSwap will also provide users with a similar experience. Every transaction is autonomously made, decentralized and executed orders are completed instantly.


On UnirealSwap's platform, in addition to exchanging tokens with each other, users can ‘stake’ token pairs to receive interest. Interest rates can be up to 100% in 1 year. Staking is essential for the creation of market liquidity for the Swap. When a transaction is completed, the transaction fee will be shared among the stakers.
The more transactions, the higher the liquidity, the higher the profit from staking. The strategy of building a large Swap and staking community on the UnirealSwap platform will lead to a stable and safe investment channel for investors.
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