✔️Legal - Guarantee

What proves my ownership?

When participating in the investment, customers will sign a legal contract with Unirealchain. The contract clearly stipulates the customer's ownership rights on the real estate as well as Unirealchain's rights and obligations towards the customer.

Who can guarantee that my money deposited in Unirealchain is safe and for what purpose?

All investor funds will be used to purchase real estate of the investor's choice. Customers can check the sales contract at any time to make sure that the property you invest in has been purchased and not taken away.

How is my investment protected by law?

We follow the legal guidance of reputable and international law firms to ensure that the legal structure of your investment is protected by law. At the same time, we cooperate with banks to guarantee investments.

Do I sign a direct contract when I buy?

For the convenience of customers, Unirealchain will sign contracts with a digital signature, which customers can sign right on their smartphones. The paper contract will be stored at Unirealchain's office, customers can check or request to sign the paper at any time.

What kind of contract is my contract with Unirealchain and in what form is it signed?

The legal contract between the customer and Unirealchain is the "Contract for Real Estate Purchase and Management" signed online and using an digital signature. Unirealchain's digital signature is legally recognized as a live signature and company seal.

Who ensures asset management during the investment process?

Unirealchain will be responsible for all issues related to asset management, working with the project owner as well as transfer ownership mater.