About Unirealchain

Unirealchain was established in Singapore with its head office at 200 Jalan Sultan #05-02 Textile Centre Singapore (199018), zipcode 079024. Unirealchain's mission is to eliminate all impediments to real estate investing and to provide a fair, transparent, and secure environment for all investors.

About Unirealchain platform

Unirealchain is the blockchain private platform of the Unirealchain project, which works independently and does not depend on any blockchain.

What Unirealchain solves

  • Difficulty in accessing information: There is no formal and trustworthy information channel where consumers may readily seek the information mentioned earlier. Furthermore, there is no tool for analyzing pricing data, past home price data, or historical real estate appreciation rate.
  • Difficulty in investing overseas: Because each country has different regulations on purchasing and owning real estate which is very difficult for retail investors to access.
  • Forgery of real estate documents: Identifying real estate owner information is still difficult.
  • High costs: Investors must have solid financial potential to invest in real estate.
  • High fees: Buyer and seller will pay taxes, brokerage fees, and other charges.
  • Complicated legal process: Investors in each location must go through several legal processes and procedures when purchasing real estate property and comprehend the local real estate market.

Unirealchain solution

  • Real estate asset digitization and blockchain solutions: Smart contracts govern all project transactions, which are recorded on the blockchain. As a result, it will assure public awareness, transparency, and safety.
  • Real estate portal and analytics: Users have an effective tool to assess and determine whether or not to invest by giving enough data on pricing history, asset location, and current asset worth.
  • Dealing with quickly legal issues: Unirealchain has created all legal processes and procedures for purchasing, selling, and digitizing assets.
  • Crowdfunding: Retail investors can also easily access the real estate project, thereby helping project owners to call for community capital.
  • Lower fees and faster transaction: Sellers and purchasers will not have to pay any fees like land taxes, brokerage fees, connection fees, or other fees.
  • Digital signatures: The use of digital signatures supplied by Unirealchain will allow a contract between a vendor and a buyer, or an asset owner and Unirealchain, to be implemented swiftly, safely, and lawfully.